Nervous Inspiration

Posted by penelopepowell on August 4, 2011

“You’re writing something now?” My husband sets a cup of coffee on my nightstand.

I’m propped up against our headboard, pecking at my laptop. “I’ve just had a spurt of inspiration.” I write Christian Romance.

“Is it about…us?”

I look up to see abject fear in his eyes, then back at the words on my computer. “Uh…no. I mean I wouldn’t use anything....” Okay. I don’t really finish that statement because I have to think. Have I used anything close? Really close? Then I think about the statement printed in books that say anything that resembles a person or place is purely coincidental. I think, come on. If a person is a writer, don’t they usually write what they know? Or experienced? At least to some degree? “I draw inspiration sometimes, you know…from conversations and kisses.” I glance back up and note his expression is now hovering between nervousness and flattery.

“But, no one would ever know it’s us, right?”

I laugh. I mean really. My characters have struggles I can write about with empathy, because I've had similar struggles. The romantic stuff...well I have to get it from somewhere too, but  and he fears someone reading something embarrassing and recognizable. I love him so I reassure him. “You’re safe,” I say.

Then he leans down and kisses me…thoroughly.

Whew…I can use that!