Sufficient Love

Posted by penelopepowell on February 15, 2017

Many people think Valentine’s Day can be a challenge. Why?

Probably because we know that it’s near to impossible to show our true appreciation for someone in just one day. Thankfully, most of us have hours, days, even years to express our love to the people we care about. And we usually recognize those moments when we get them…Just as we know deep in our gut when we feel unloved.

What if we had one shot, just one day to convince someone we loved them? What would we do if everything was riding on it? Is it even possible for one act, one day to be enough?

That’s what this is about—that one shot—one act to carry through a million lifetimes—one significant expression that has to bump up against every terrible occurrence and still be sufficient. Because many discount the belief that something occurring over 2000 years ago adequately addresses the ongoing injustices we see and experience in our lives every day.

If the cross is God’s one act to convince of His love, is it enough?

Is the cross enough for the child enduring abuse for months, even years wondering if God watched, but didn’t intervene when it was happening? Is it enough for people starving or dying from disease, thinking God must have bigger things to worry over than care about their needs? Or how about the lives cut short by violence, doesn’t He care? If so, where’s justice when murderers go free? Or if those guilty of terrible things can repent on the promise they too will receive eternal life? Then how are all the injustices they perpetrated balanced?

Honestly, I think it’s all in how we look at the cross. If we see it as a one-time act that occurred in the past then we’ll always question its sufficiency. But consider this, just because we can pinpoint a specific moment God picked a day and sent His son, it doesn’t preclude the intention behind it, or include the magnitude of power that comes with it, or the overarching grace it provides.

Pure all-encompassing love poured from that cross, spread itself from before time began to beyond the end of everything we know or can imagine here on earth. A love so pure that it hated each and every injustice, listened as innocent blood cried out, collected tears shed from the bottom of every heart throughout every age then took all of it onto Jesus and condemned it to hell.

Because it isn’t okay when children are abused, it matters when people starve and die from a disease, and violence will never be excused.

That is why with one shot Jesus said It’s Finished. He just happened to be standing at the finish line when He said it.